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Idlewild Park, Reno
Pioneer Theater Plaza, Reno
St. Thomas Cathedral, Reno
University of Nevada Reno
St. Thomas Cathedral, Reno
Silver State Lodge, Reno
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Designs in Wood Worship and Inspiration Reno Ex-Views The Art Spot Notable Steps
Page 4 Pathways Old Reno Signs Skylines Columns and Arches
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Top » Expo 3
Silver State Lodge Designs in Wood

Log cabins, boardwalks and sculptures. We use wood everywhere for living and for art.

1. Silver State Lodge
City Views 1

2. Goldfield
Southern Nevada 1

3. Virginia City boardwalk
Central Nevada 3

4. San Rafael Park, Reno
Area Parks 1

5. Idlewild Park, Reno
Truckee River 1

6. Dayton Cemetery
Central Nevada 3

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San Rafael Park, Reno
Goldfield, Nevada Idlewild Park, Reno
Virginia City boardwalk Dayton Cemetery

Top » Expo 3
Trinity Episcopal Church along the Riverwalk Worship and Inspiration

Places of worship set against the mountains,
rivers, and the desert.

1. Trinity Episcopal Church
Reno Riverwalk
Truckee River 3

2. Neptune Society Chapel
Southern Nevada 2

3. St. Thomas Aquinas Cathedral
Second and Arlington, Reno
Landmarks 1

4. First United Methodist Church
First and West Streets, Reno
Truckee River 1

5. St. Mary's in the Mountains
Virginia City
Central Nevada 3

6. Church of Jesus Christ of
Latter-day Saints Reno Temple
Landmarks 2

^ Top of page: Nevada Expo 3
First United Methodist Church, Reno
Neptune Society Chapel, Pahrump St. Mary´s in the Mountains, Virginia City
St. Thomas Cathedral, Reno Latter-day Saints Reno Temple

Top » Expo 3
Planet Hollywood, Second and Virginia Street Reno Ex-Views

Changed, out of business, moved or demolished. These views are no more.

1. Planet Hollywood at Harrahs,
now a nightclub
Reno Arch 2

2. The Freight House,
closed for the railroad trench
Landmarks 2

3. Sundowner Hotel Casino,
may reopen as condominiums
Uptown 2

4. Silver State Lodge,
West Fourth Street, demolished
City Views 1

5. Flamingo Hilton,
converted to condominiums
Reno Arch 2

6. Old Manoque High School,
moved to new campus
Landmarks 1

^ Top of page: Nevada Expo 3
Silver State Lodge, Reno
The Freight House, Reno Flamingo Hilton
Sundowner Hotel, downtown Reno Old Manogue High School

Top » Expo 3
Rhyolite The Art Spot

It's wherever you find it, from Rhyolite to Reno. These outdoor displays make a statement about the diversity of Nevada and the people who live
or visit here to express themselves.

1. Rhyolite
Southern Nevada 1

2. Virginia Lake, Reno
Area Parks 1

3. Pioneer Theater Plaza, Reno

4. Federal Courthouse, Reno
Landmarks 1

5. Pioneer Theater Plaza, Reno

6. Goldfield
Southern Nevada 1

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Federal Courthouse, Reno
Virginia Lake, Reno Pioneer Theater Plaza, Reno
Pioneer Theater Plaza, Reno Goldfield

Top » Expo 3
St. Thomas Cathedral Notable Steps

Thousands of footsteps over the years
leading to a rich
Nevada lifestyle.

1. St. Thomas Cathedral
Second and Arlington, Reno
Landmarks 1

2. Ross Manor
First and West Streets, Reno
Landmarks 2

3. Steps to Morrill Hall
University of Nevada Reno
University 1

4. Mt. Rose School, Reno
Landmarks 1

5. Fourth Ward School
Virginia City
Central Nevada 3

6. Lear Theater, Reno
Landmarks 2

^ Top of page: Nevada Expo 3
Mt. Rose School
Ross Manor, Reno Fourth Ward School
University of Nevada Reno Lear Theater, Reno

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