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Oxbow Park, Reno
Fourth and Center, Reno
Terrible's Lakeside, Pahrump
Topsy the Clown
Pahrump Harvest Festival
Mount Rose School
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Page 2
Water Works Great Places
to Sit
The City of Trembling Leaves At the Pump Northern Nevada Close-Ups
Page 3 Designs in Wood Worship and Inspiration Reno Ex-Views The Art Spot Notable Steps
Page 4 Pathways Old Reno Signs Skylines Columns and Arches
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Top » Expo 2
Terrible's Lakeside, Pahrump Water Works

Rivers and lakes are sparkling jewels in the desert. Preserved and enhanced with care a small pond becomes a
lake and a downtown riverside becomes a community gathering place.

1. Terrible's Lakeside, Pahrump
Southern Nevada 2

2. Manzanita Lake
University of Nevada Reno
University 1

3. Oxbow Park, Reno
Truckee River 1

4. Reno Riverwalk
Truckee River 3

5. Virginia Lake, Reno
Area Parks 1

6. Truckee River, Wadsworth

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Reno Riverwalk
Manzanita Lake, University of Nevada Reno Virginia Lake, Reno
Oxbow Park, Reno Truckee River, Wadsworth

Top » Expo 2
Windy Hill Great Places
to Sit

Here are some great
spots to practice the art
of sitting, for young and old. Check out the dude
in the baseball cap at the
top of the ferris wheel.

1. Windy Hill
Area Parks 2

2. Peccole Baseball Park
University 1

3. Sparks Marina Park
Area Parks 2

4. Pahrump Harvest Festival
Southern Nevada 2

5. Mount Rose School, Reno
Landmarks 1

6. The Quad Before Graduation
University 1

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Pahrump Harvest Festival
Peccole Baseball Park Mount Rose School, Reno
Sparks Marina Park The Quad Before Graduation

Top » Expo 2
Oxbow Park The City of Trembling Leaves

The Oxbow Incident by Walter Van Tilburg Clark was published in 1940
and a novel set in Reno, The City of Trembling Leaves, was published in 1945. These pictures highlight some of the
Reno views.

1. Oxbow Park
Truckee River 1

2. Windstorm
City Views 1

3. Dog Valley, Verdi

4. West Second Street
City Views 1

5. San Rafael Regional Park
Area Parks 1

6. Manogue High School
Landmarks 1

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West Second Street
Windstorm San Rafael Regional Park
Dog Valley, Verdi Manogue High School

Top » Expo 2
Goldfield At the Pump

Some gasoline icons past and present. We thought gas prices were high a couple years ago.
Here are some images from the good
old days, and these pictures only go back to October, 2001.

1. Goldfield
Southern Nevada 1

2. Tonopah
Central Nevada 2

3. First Street, Reno
City Views 1

4. Fourth and Center, Reno
Uptown 2

5. Pahrump
Southern Nevada 2

6. Beatty
Southern Nevada 1

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Fourth and Center, Reno
Tonopah Pahrump, Nevada
First Street in Reno Beatty, Nevada

Top » Expo 2
Silver Legacy Northern Nevada Close-Ups

Shapes that say Nevada. Bright lights, the big sky, entertainment and bigger than life images to catch the eye.

1. Silver Legacy Dome
Uptown 1

2. National Bowling Stadium
Uptown 2

3. Sierra Street, Reno
Reno Arch 2

4. Reno Arch
Reno Arch 1

5. Circus Circus
Uptown 1

6. Patrick, Nevada

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Reno Arch
National Bowling Stadium, Reno Topsy the Clown
Sierra Street, Reno Patrick, Nevada

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