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Downtown Reno
These screensavers are optimized for 1024x768 screen display but will automatically resize for other resolutions. After downloading click on the exe file to install in your Windows folder as a scr file. There will be an option to select it as the default screensaver. The program also has an uninstall feature. All images can be found separately in the wallpaper albums if you prefer the picture without the screensaver.

Reno Around Town: Screensaver 20

San Rafael Park St. Mary's Hospital University of Nevada Reno University area skyline Virginia Street, Reno Virginia Lake, Reno
San Rafael Park, St. Mary's Hospital, University of Nevada, Peccole Park, Virginia Street, Virginia Lake

Caughlin Ranch Silver State Lodge Downtown Reno Reno Arch Truckee River in Reno Old Reno Arch on Lake Street
Caughlin Ranch, Silver State Lodge, downtown, Reno arch, Truckee River, old Reno Arch
Twelve Reno Around Town pictures approximately 2.8mb
Click here to download free screensaver nmsav20.exe
NOTE: XP users right click and 'Save Target As...'

Scenic Nevada: Screensaver 19

Truckee River in Wadsworth San Rafael Park North Reno Reno Riverwalk Wadsworth Yerington
Truckee River, San Rafael Park, Near Virginia Street, Reno Riverwalk, Old Wadsworth School, Yerington

University of Nevada Reno Truckee River Kayak Park South of Hawthorne Tonopah Truckee River in Reno Lear Theater
The Quad, Truckee River, Mt. Charleston, Tonopah, Trinity Episcopal Church and Lear Theater in Reno
Twelve Scenic Nevada pictures approximately 2.8mb
Click here to download free screensaver nmsav19.exe
NOTE: XP users right click and 'Save Target As...'

Old Nevada: Screensaver 18

Rhyolite Truckee River, Riverside Hotel University of Nevada Reno Weed Heights Fallon Reno Amtrak Depot
Rhyolite, Truckee River, University of Nevada Reno, Weed Heights, Fallon, Reno Amtrak Depot

Goldfield Bowers Mansion Third Street Hardy House Virginia City Fort Churchill
Goldfield, Bowers Mansion, Third Street in Reno, Hardy House, Virginia City, Fort Churchill
Twelve Old Nevada pictures approximately 2.9mb
Click here to download free screensaver nmsav18.exe
NOTE: XP users right click and 'Save Target As...'

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