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Pictures on Nevadamax are not in the public domain and are copyright © Max Chapman Nevadamax.com or from other entities listed with the image. Images cannot be re-published without permission including print and internet display. The photos are free to download but use is restricted to individuals viewing wallpaper, calendars and screensavers on their home computer. Any other use is considered commercial and requires licensing from the copyright holder. Please E-mail max@nevadamax.com if you have a request for publication or display. In most cases higher quality pictures, up to 2048 x 1536 resolution, are available. Nevadamax.com has donated many pictures with credit to this site. Printed items including mousepads, apparel and calendars are available in the Online Store.

Many sites have featured links or used pictures with permission of Nevadamax.com. In most cases these are timely links to news stories so the content may not be posted indefinitely, but if you want to see some of our pictures displayed on other sites take a look.
Spectrum Magazine The March, 2005, issue of Spectrum Magazine published by the American Association of Law Libraries featured a Nevadamax photo of the Riverwalk area. See a screen capture here.
Little Athens, the movie
The Movie Trailer
Nevadamax not in the movie but on their webpage leading to the trailer. See a screen capture of the abandoned Sage Crest Drive-In at Yerington here.
Screensavers.com Pahrump picture Screensavers.com features one of our Pahrump pictures in their Small Town USA section
Realty Corner The Realty Corner displays numerous Reno area pictures provided by Nevadamax.com. Check out their site!
Realty Corner Realty Executives Reno-Sparks features a flash intro featuring many area pictures from Nevadamax.
National Trust for Historic Preservation The National Trust for Historic Preservation did a story on the Silver State Lodge on West Fourth Street featuring a picture from this site. The lodge has since been demolished.
Mizpah Hotel in Tonopah The Mizpah Hotel in Tonopah was in the news in March, 2004, due to a sale, and the Pahrump Valley Times used a picture with permission from Nevadamax.
TribuneIndia A 2003 New Year's article at Tribune India featured a link to the Nevadamax desktop calendars.
RoadsidePeek Pictures of the abandoned Sage Crest Drive-In Theater near Yerington are featured at Roadside Peek.
World City Photos A couple of pictures from Nevadamax among more than 8,000 images at World City Photos.
VisitReno.com Information for locals and visitors at VisitReno.com. Check out their e-mail postcards!

This site has been online since March, 2000, and features more than 2,100 original pictures of Nevada. Nevadamax.com is a picture archive of how a place appeared on a given day and that's why I put so much emphasis on the date posted at the top of each photo. More and more you'll find pictures that show how it used to be. The Pioneer Inn, Flamingo Hilton, Planet Hollywood, Old Reno, Turf Club, Silver State Lodge, Duke's Casino and the old Manogue High School buildings are all chronicled here and they have either been demolished or no longer exist in their original form. I want this site to become an archive of old Nevada pictures and I wish I had started sooner with pictures of the Mapes and Harolds Club. You'll also find timeless scenic shots of beautiful Nevada from Dog Valley near Verdi through Smith Valley, Yerington, Tonopah and on to the high desert near Pahrump. The great part of digital photography is that once you have the camera and computer each shot is free and you can take hundreds of photos at no extra cost. I don't spend much time framing a shot, I just snap and go, and I carry my camera almost everywhere. I want to show Nevada as it is and to record how it changes.

The photographs are everyday pictures, the scenes you pass by but sometimes don't notice. Information is kept to a minimum; the purpose is to give a general overall impression that Reno and the rest of Nevada is a good place to be, not to promote individual locations or business enterprises. A visitor once said the photos look better than if you were actually there. Another friend said this hobby gets me out of the house. The pictures represent the overall landscape and character of the area, good and bad, and they're meant as a visual reference, a place you may have seen before or may want to visit. The photos are not professional but I hope you find the views interesting anyway. Nevadamax is displayed without the usual advertising and pop-ups and I hope visitors will see these pages as a quiet oasis among the more commercial pages on the internet and will find a picture or two they enjoy. I pay extra for the site due to the lack of banner advertisements and paid pop-ups, but it's worth it to me.

This site started out as CyberReno for a few months in July, 2000 with a free server, a lot of ads and 50MB disk space. The site soon outgrew that space and stepped up to a paid server called Nevadamax on December 30, 2000 with 500MB server space and 5GB bandwidth per month. In May, 2002 that wasn't enough and I purchased a new plan on the same server with 1.5GB and 15GB transfer. In October, 2003 I changed servers again for 1.6GB disk space and 32GB transfer and in October, 2005 I increased the capacity again to 1.8GB and 37GB transfer. In September, 2007, I moved the site to BlueHost.com with 300GB disk space and 3,000GB transfer. Nevadamax.com currently uses more than 1.8GB server space for more than 2,100 individual pictures each displayed in several sizes and graphic forms such as calendars and screensavers. The overhead for each picture in its various sizes is about .8MB. As for the photography I started with an Olympus D360-L 1.3 meg digital camera then purchased an Olympus C-3000 with 3.3 megs in July, 2001. Pictures with the 3 meg resolution are indicated with the date in red. That 3meg Olympus served me well over the years but in October, 2007, I bought a Canon G9 with 12.1 meg resolution. These photos are indicated with the date in green. The webpage is designed with Macromedia Allaire Homesite 5.0 software and the graphics are done with Paint Shop Pro X. The wallpaper calendars are created with SmartDraw 6. I've designed this site myself over the years and I hope it works for you. If you find an error or broken link please send a message or just send a comment about the site.

During the month of October, 2007, Nevadamax.com averaged 1,266 unique visitors and 2,736 page views per day. Bandwidth averaged about 200MB per day. The desktop wallpaper calendar page is by far the most popular link and a typical monthly calendar wallpaper picture will be downloaded more than 4,000 times over the course of a year. I've tried to make each page smaller to speed up delivery to dial-up modems but because of the nature of this site, and to serve quality pictures, it's going to take a few seconds to load. This site has been described as graphics heavy, better with a high-speed connection, and this is very true.

What foreign country would you think would generate the most traffic on Nevadamax.com? It's Japan, by quite a large margin. The top six foreign countries in order of number of visits are Japan, Poland, Canada, Brazil, Mexico and Italy. Based on the statistics in October, 2007, 66% of the visitors here arrive by direct link, 7% use a search engine and 27% use a link from an external page. More than 14% of visitors spend 5 minutes or more on Nevadamax.com and 4.7% stay an hour or more. Google and Google Images account for 61% of the search engine hits followed by Yahoo! with 31%, Windows Live 2% and AOL and MSN each with 1%. The most popular search terms are Reno arch, wallpaper calendars and Reno Nevada pictures. The most referrals from an external site are from the Nevada page at Pictures of Places. Here are some General Statistics from Nevadamax for the last few years.

I search for other sites that display their local pictures and some of the best I've found are Minneapolis Phototour, Morrice Web from Scotland and Digital Hokkaido. At World City Photos you can see pictures from all over the world. Also take a look at American Open Road and Road Pictures. A great place for adventure in old signs and architecture is Roadside Peek.

RadioDX has an article about WXLE 1385kc, the 250 watt AM radio station I worked for on Canton Island in the South Pacific from 1974 to 1976 and a copy of the postcard I sent out to DXers who received the station. The postcard picture was taken by Ted Hill who worked on the island, and the scan, used with permission, is courtesy of Paul Ormandy, the recipient of the card. That's my signature from 1975 when I was 25 years old. I didn't save a copy of this postcard when I was on Canton Island years ago, I found it on the internet posted by Mr. Ormandy when I did a search for my name. You never know what surprises you'll find when you do a search.

Canton Island webmaster's postcard

KOBI-TV 1972 In 1971, before Canton Island, I worked in the news department at KOBI-TV channel 5 in Medford, Oregon. That's me in the lower left with the rest of the news crew (John Darling, Tam Moore and Anne Batzer). The picture on the right was taken by my friend Chona on her internet cell phone when we were on break at work on July 12, 2004, and she instantly e-mailed the picture so I'd have a copy. Those instant pictures and cell phone connections are great! Nevadamax 2004
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Images copyright ©2000~ Max Chapman and are for individual use for viewing on your personal home computer. Any other use requires permission from this site. View details in About or contact max@Nevadamax.com. Thank you for visiting Nevadamax!