How To Limits Muscle Loss In-Between Anabolic Steroid Cycles

One of the harsh realities of using anabolic steroids is that although these products are capable of producing tremendous gains, a lot of these gains will be lost as soon as your bulking cycle has ended. This is especially true at the end of a bulking phase, but it can also be problematic when finishing a cutting cycle. Fortunately, there are several strategies that you can use to protect the mass that you’ve recently acquired.

Take A Sufficient Break Between Bulking And Cutting

Don’t let the fear of losing gains cause you to power straight from one cycle right into the next, especially when you already recognize that your body needs a break. These products put a lot of stress on the body given that they’re designed to make it do what it’s physiologically incapable of accomplishing on its own. Taking a break between bulking and cutting is especially critical.

During the bulking phase of your anabolic steroid program, you’ll be rapidly packing on a lot of muscle. It’s going to take time for your body to adjust to having to support this new mass. The last thing that you want is to accelerate your metabolism with a cutting stack while simultaneously streamlining your diet. This will force your body to feed on your new muscle stores for support. Instead, choose a good off-cycle support product, keep your workouts strong and ramp up your protein intake. This is also a good time to start a dietary supplement.

Eat Lean But Eat Plenty

When cutting, never assume that your fat loss goals require you to eat less. Instead, stay away from the drive through window and load your plate up with the fresh, nutrient-dense stuff that your body actually needs. Cutting is a time for loading up on eggs, leafy green vegetables, chicken breast, fish, turkey, nuts and beans. You always want to make sure that you’re giving your body sufficient protein and calories for supporting your new energy requirements. Any deficits will invariably lead to muscle loss.

Expect Changes

With all these things being said, you do, however, need to be realistic about how much of your new mass you’ll be able to conserve. You can expect to lose approximately 30 percent of your new gains irrespective of any mitigation strategies that you’re using. While this might sound extreme, it still leaves you a lot better off than when you started. One easy way to curtail these losses is by choosing the right cutting agents. The best anabolic steroid for cutting will have moderate bulking effects while simultaneously expediting your fat loss. Look for options that do more than make people lean and hard. Many of the top formulas are designed to help bodybuilders continue gaining even as they work to streamline their physiques.